Hybrid brow tint treatment

Hybrid brow tint treatment

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  • Cleaning the eyebrows.
  • Carefully measure the eyebrows.
  • Dyeing the eyebrows with special hybrid dye. (henna inspired)
  • Shaping (including waxing, plucking and cutting)

Dyeing the eyebrow hairs, the paint adheres to the hairs for about 3-6 weeks.
Treatment duration approximately 30 minutes

Frequently asked questions about the treatment

The Hybrid paint products from Supercilium are the highest quality paint on the market. The paint gives a comparable result to henna but is slightly softer.

We first carefully clean the eyebrows, measure and mark the eyebrows with our own developed mapping method and then color the eyebrows with the Hybrid paint. While the paint takes effect, we wax the eyebrows and ensure that all unwanted hairs are removed. We then cut the hair if desired and apply a small amount of concealer for the redness caused by hair removal.

Depending on your skin and hair, the treatment should be repeated every 4 to 8 weeks. By undergoing the treatment and seeing how long it lasts for you, you can reschedule the appointments.

Paint generally only adheres to the hairs. The hybrid paint will give a slight henna effect for a few days depending on how you handle it and your skin and hair type.

You can safely undergo this treatment during pregnancy, but Paint can always take something different than desired. This means that the paint can take a lot less or more intensively, this is your own risk.

- Avoid water on the treated area for the first 48 hours. Do not get your eyebrows wet so do not use swimming pools, steam baths or a sauna for the first 48 hours.
- Touch your eyebrows as little as possible.
-Avoid the sun as much as possible for the first 48 hours.
- Do not use perfumed products on the treated area for the first 48 hours.

PPD allergy, Herpes simplex, Staphylococcus, Impetigo, Skin abscess, Follicus.

We are known for the best quality and our sleek lines. We can only achieve this result by carrying out the treatment in its entirety, including cleaning, measuring, painting, hair removal and after care. As a result, we do not offer this separately.

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