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Power lift treatment
Power lift treatment
Power lift treatment
Power lift treatment
Power lift treatment
Power lift treatment

Power lift treatment

Regular price €150,00
  • Cleansing & peeling
  • Repair skin
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Collagen fleece mask
  • Collagen threads

Treatment duration 75 minutes

Frequently asked questions about the treatment

To achieve the best results, you should do the treatment as a course of treatment. The advice is to do 3 treatments every approximately 10-14 days. The result will then remain visible for approximately 3 to 12 months. This depends entirely on which products, supplements and maintenance you use/do at home.

Are you not yet ready for drastic interventions, but would you like to reduce wrinkles and lines? Then this treatment might be something for you. During the treatment we perform various techniques to boost your skin, such as microdermabrasion, collagen fleece mask, collagen threads and more. With botox or fillers you remove the expression from someone's face, but with our treatment technique this is not the case and you create a natural end result.

1. Power lift treatment €150.00
(Duration: approximately 75 minutes) (First treatment).
2. Power lift boosting €75.00
(Duration: approximately 60 minutes) (Second treatment).
3. Power lift fresh up €65.00
(Duration approximately 45 minutes) (Third treatment).

The times can sometimes vary slightly, this mainly depends on the number of lines we have to treat. For example, someone who has fewer lines often finishes a little faster than someone with more lines

You can schedule the power lift treatment online, but please contact us to plan the treatment as a course of treatment.

With additional insurance, you may be partially or fully reimbursed for the treatment. How much you will be reimbursed depends on your insurance. It is best to check this with your health insurer yourself, because policy conditions and reimbursements are subject to major changes. Perfection Elements is not responsible for changes to policy conditions or rights to reimbursement set by your health insurer.

How does it work?
On the day of the treatment, you pay for the treatment yourself and you will receive an invoice from us that you can submit to your health insurance.