Hybrid paint
Hybrid paint
Hybrid paint
Hybrid paint
Hybrid paint
Hybrid paint
Hybrid paint
Hybrid paint
Hybrid paint
Hybrid paint

Hybrid paint

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The hybrid dye colors the skin for approximately 9 days and the hair for up to 7 weeks. With the colors Black, Ash, Auburn, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown you can color all undertones and skin tones. The best part is that you can mix the colors to get the most perfect shade for your clients.

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The eyebrow paint guarantees consistent results on all skin types and gives you voluminous eyebrows and dark eyelashes. It can even cover up gray hairs. The paints give the appearance of fuller eyebrows and have a richer and brighter effect than regular paint, and you also have shorter application times than henna. For the eyelashes it gives a darker and more dramatic look than regular eyelash tinting. No more need for mascara for your tinted eyelashes with these types of beauty treatments.

Don't forget to purchase the accompanying Supercilium dye developer to create the paint, this is not possible with any other developer.

One tube of the hybrid paint is good for up to 40 treatments.

The advantages of hybrid paint are:

✓ Eyebrow color that colors the skin and hair.
✓ Long lasting pigmentation (skin up to 9 days) and (hair up to 7 weeks).
✓ Easy to use.
✓ Safe: ammonia-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free.
✓ Gel structure is consistent in use.
✓ 1 tube is up to 40 treatments.
✓ Can be used in combination with eyebrow or eyelash lifting.

We always recommend that you first take a training course before you start working with professional products. If you are unable to attend a physical training course, you can also take various free training courses on the Supercilium website. Basic Hybrid Dye Course .

Step 1: Clean the eyebrows or eyelashes with the Supercilium pro cleanser. This product is also suitable for sensitive skin as it does not contain harsh chemicals. For the eyebrows: Use the Supercilium prep peel gel to remove excess sebum, make-up and dead skin cells to extend the life of the hybrid dye. Apply a drop to each eyebrow, gently massage it into the eyebrow for 15 seconds and gently remove it with a cotton pad with the pro cleanser.

Step 2:
Apply brow paste to the area around the eyebrows, avoiding the areas you are going to paint or use your own brow mapping method.

Step 3:
Mix Oxydant Developer and the hybrid dye in a dappendish (mixing bowl) with a ratio of 1:1 to a nice substance.

Step 4:
Apply a thin layer to the eyebrows quickly and evenly with an angled brush, exactly in the desired shape and work very accurately because this paint is absorbed very quickly into the skin.

Step 5:
The application time for eyebrows is 8-20 minutes depending on the desired result: the more intense color and color effect you want, the more time you need.
(The application time for eyelashes is 5-10 minutes.)
After the hybrid dye has worked in, remove the paint with a wet cotton pad.

Step 6:
Check the eyebrows carefully. If you have accidentally made small mistakes, correct them with the color corrector.

aqua (water), cellulose gum, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfite, p-phenylenediamine, resorcinol, ci 16035, ci 73015

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